Christmas Three Month Gift


Christmas Three Month Gift


A MyIrelandBox sent in December, January and February. This gift is not a recurring plan and will not renew.
The products in this image are surprises from past a Irish Christmas December MyIrelandBox. Similar surprises will be sent in December 2019 but not exactly the products in the image. What we have curated for December 2019, January and February 2020 will be a surprise!

The Three Month MyIrelandBox Christmas Gift will be just a wonderful experience for your chosen recipient. We all love it when the postman delivers gifts to us. Most people do. Knowing that a box of surprises from Ireland is on the way for the next three months, well, that is a recipe for happiness! The December (The Irish Christmas MyIrelandBox), January (The New Year curation) and the February (Irish Celtic Jewelry themed MyIrelandBox) will all be shipped from Dingle, Ireland.

The Christmas MyIrelandBox is our favourite MyIrelandBox of the year and it will be filled with festive Irish made surprises that will warm your hearts and homes with Ireland this Christmas. It's a perfect Christmas gift to yourself or to someone who you care for. Think warmth, snuggly, festive, woolly, precious … and scenes of Ireland! We adore what we have chosen for you or your intended recipient who will be thrilled with what we and the talented makers have created for you or your chosen recipient. The January New Year MyIrelandBox sets the recipient up for the new year creating a cosy place to relax whilst transporting the senses to Ireland. In February, we will send the most amazing piece of Irish made Celtic jewelry that we are so excited about!

If you’re looking for a gift this Holiday Season, why not surprise a parent, aunt, uncle, sibling, friend or grandparent with a New Year Three Month MyIrelandBox Christmas Gift. It’s a great way to send happiness from Ireland to friends and loved ones. Feedback from recipients of the The Month MyIrelandBox Gift has been wonderful every year and they love to know that they will be sent gifts from Ireland for three months in a row to brighten their Christmas and New Year.

**Pre-Order - ships at the beginning of December on time for Christmas. Only three MyIrelandBoxes will be shipped (December, January and February). If you would like a continuous MyIrelandBox subscription that recurs please click here

"I really love my Ireland box and the beautiful surprises I receive every month. Thank you so much for the happiness you bring every month.”
Pam from El Paso,Texas - via Facebook Aug 2019

“Can't wait. The last few boxes (my care package from Ireland) get better and better. Can't wait for this month's surprise.”
Sandee from El Paso,Texas Aug 2019 FB

"I just have to say how much I love the special piece in February Box .... happy little jig ... or maybe a hornpipe across the room"
Catherine from Woollahra, Australia via Facebook 2019

"My son's daughter gave me "my Ireland Box ." for Christmas! Brought tears to everyone's eyes, especially mine, and I have been so in love with my gifts.”
Barb, Chicago USA - via Facebook, January 2019

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