The Irish Sheep MyIrelandBox


The Irish Sheep MyIrelandBox


The Irish Sheep themed MyIrelandBox is always a favourite of the MyIrelandBox Community. We sell out every month of the year and hence when we were contacted by many lovely people that wanted to gift this MyIrelandBox or send one to themselves, we could not provide the Irish Sheep MyIrelandBox to them. However the makers have been busy and we are delighted to say that it is back for a short time as we have limited stock. This MyIrelandBox was sent to our treasured subscribers in May and we have to say that this is one of our favorites to curate. The month of May is such an inspiring time to choose sheep themed treasures for subscribers as we are surrounded by lush green fields and fluffy white sheep and lambs prancing about – they are everywhere and a joy to watch. The sheep mug caught our eye and we were immediately in love and knew that our subscribers would adore it for this sheep themed curation. We wanted to include a handmade sheep and when we saw this cute guy we thought he was magical! We call ours ‘Mish’, which is short for ‘Misneach’, which is the gaelic for ‘Courage’ – it is pronounced ‘Mish-nok’. Often here on the Dingle Peninsula you will be greeted, or you will greet another, by saying ‘Dia dhuit - Conas tá an misneach’ – which is another way of saying ‘How are you doing?’. The direct translation means – ‘How is the courage?’. Most mornings we see a sheep peering over the ditch at us and this is why we chose this adorable framed print. We thought that it would be lovely to include it so that you too could see a friendly sheep greet you each morning when you (or indeed your chosen gift recipient) wake(s)!

**You will receive the items shown in the photograph above.

"I loved my sheep box. Best box so far! I adored every piece!”
Kathleen from Chicago, Illinois, United States via Facebook June 2019

"Love mine! Thanks for finding such great treats for us every month. xo”
Lynn from Alberta T0K 0G0, Canada, via Facebook June 2019

"That little guy was a sweet surprise. Love mine, haven't name him yet, but got a list..... Thank you”
Sandee from El Paso, Texas, United States via Facebook May 2019

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