MyIrelandBox - April 2019


MyIrelandBox subscribers were excited to see some foodie items in their April MyIrelandBoxes! Having read the wonderful Cow Book about life on an Irish family farm, it seemed perfect to share the treasured tea break with our subscribers. Barry’s Tea is a firm favourite in our family and of course world-wide and the Lismore biscuits that we included … - well we are in love! We had been munching on all sorts of artisan bakes and these came out tops. There is no better way to bring subscribers to the table than through taste and smell so the candle was a must for the scent of the soft day on the farm. We had wanted to send to subscribers a Nicholas Mosse piece for a long time and finally we included the gorgeous heart shaped ceramic plate that is perfect to lay your spoon, biscuit or tea bag.


Every couple of months we are going to surprise a treasured MyIrelandBox subscriber with a piece of handmade Irish jewelry. So, this month, Sandra from Texas won The Golden Shamrock prize …visit our Facebook and Instagram page to see what she won! Congratulations Sandra!

MyIrelandBox - March 2019


The March MyIrelandBox was curated with St. Patrick’s Day in mind and a focus on new beginnings and Irish blessings. We were inspired by the energy of Spring in Ireland and the wonderful and unique way that the Irish for centuries have passed blessings, sayings and old proverbs to each other and how many of these wise words are still spoken today. We included nods to the shamrock especially for St Patrick’s Day but also to celebrate nature awakening here in Ireland and new beginnings. The chopping board was perfect for this month’s theme – the engraved Irish wood is a lovely merger of nature and blessings. Of course, the Connemara marble wishing stone was our wish to our treasured subscribers that all of their hopes and dreams come true this year. It is a lovely combination of Irish nature and wishes.

MyIrelandBox - February 2019


We love the month of February… some of the MyIrelandBox team celebrate birthdays, nature begins to wake from a sleepy winter slumber and of course, love is in the air!

We sent subscribers a beautiful pendant made with love in Dublin by a wonderful family team , Lisa and Paul O'Neill and also the fabulous work of Lily Corcoran who created beautiful cards. We think that these makers are wonderfully talented and we were so excited to share these surprises with subscribers in Februray.

The Golden Shamrock prize was back and a lucky member of the MyIrelandBox Community won a gorgeous pair of Irish made Boru earrings.


Every couple of months we are going to surprise a treasured MyIrelandBox subscriber with a piece of handmade Irish jewellery. So this month, in addition to the beautiful necklace that she will have received, Tara from Overland Park, United States, a lovely MyIrelandBox subscriber, will find in her MyIrelandBox this month the most darling pair of Trinity Knot earrings that were handmade by Boru jewellers.

MyIrelandBox - January 2019


This January, we wanted to send a 2019 diary to MyIrelandBox subscribers that was handmade and that would remind them of Ireland every day. We were delighted to work with Sean O'Sullivan from Badly Made Books in Cork and the result was a merger of one of our favourite places in Ireland with hand-made, to give subscribers something they could use all year round. 

Next, this marvellous massage bar! Step out of the shower or bath and use this on your wet skin. The smells are beautiful, it is the best moisturiser for Winter, the ingredients are local and natural and what we love also is that each bar is handmade in the most quaint cottage in Donegal! 

MyIrelandBox subscribers could not write down all of their dreams and daily plans without a lovely scent of Ireland so this candle from Field Day was a must to take them straight to the Irish coast and countryside. 

When we spotted Jill from Linen Lane at a craft fair during the Summer we asked her to please begin at once to make the linen sheep bookmarks for our treasured MyIrelandBox subscribers. We suggested that it could be used to mark the diary page, as the field on the cover of the diary is always filled with sheep that surround the fairy fort in the centre of it!

MyIrelandBox - December 2018


Inspired by a white Christmas in Ireland, the December MyIrelandBox was one of our favourite curations of 2018! We sent our treasured subscribers some warmth in a beautifully made scarf, a subtle yet quirky Christmas decoration made by wonderful ceramicist that we adore and a fun handmade decoration by a new maker that we're so excited to have discovered! We sent some breathtaking images of Ireland to look at each month in 2019 in the form of a neat calendar and a postcard depicting the colour palette that inspired our curation in December ….  We asked subscribers to cosy up, light the fire and to enjoy their surprises from Ireland in December…

MyIrelandBox - November 2018


We brought the Irish kitchen to MyIrelandBox subscribers this November with a beautiful apron, designed on County Louth and sewn and printed in Donegal. 

'Home for Christmas' by the wonderful author, Alice Taylor, was the perfect warm up to Christmas - the reader jumps right in to her little Irish town and the old traditions of Christmas are remembered. 'Ar scáth a chéile a mhaireann na daoine' is a Gaelic saying that means that people live in each other’s shadows and that we are shielded from the sun by each other - we rely on each other for shelter. People need each other, We wanted to share these wise words with MyIrelandBox subscribers for Thanksgiving and what better way to do this that on a beautiful card by Dingle Wild Card.

MyIrelandBox - October 2018

complete box.jpg

'The Beauty of Ireland'' MyIrelandBox - September 2018

Sept 2018 MIB Collage.jpg

We love natural beauty products and we only choose the best in Ireland for our treasured subscribers. To soak in Irish oats felt like a dream to us and we knew when we met with Deirdre and Karen of Wild Oats that their passion for Irish oats and natural, clean beauty was a perfect fit for us and for MyIrelandBox subscribers.

We are huge believers in a good bar of soap and when it's made with all natural ingredients and smells lovely, then we are hooked. We also included a lip balm by one of our favourite natural beauty makers, Dublin Herbalists. We have been using their gorgeous creations since we discovered them at the beginning of the year and we would love to send more of their products to MyIrelandBox subscribers in 2019.

We adore the screen printed pouch by Placed Ireland made in Belfast. We asked René Mullin to create something for us that would store all of MyIrelandBox subscriber's natural goodies that we sent to them in the September MyIrelandBox and we are thrilled with what she created.

These wonderful surprises fit so perfectly together and MyIrelandBox subscribers loved this curation.

Old Irish Farm Themed MyIrelandBox - August 2018


We loved the theme for August 2018 - The 'Old Irish Farm' and especially adore the wooden Irish Cow that was made at our request especially for MyIrelandBox subscribers by the amazing father and daughter duo that is 'Saturday Workshop'!

We have always wanted to work with Rebecca Killen ceramicist, as she instantly brings one back to the days of yore when the old style milk bottle was left by the milk man at the front door. 

The 'Lost Moments' series that have been printed by Kelly Cards are special - the selection is indeed nostalgic and we chose this image in particular to praise the hard working women of the Old Irish Farm.

July 'Blasket Island' themed MyIrelandBox


The Blasket Islands are magical. They lie off the coast of the Dingle Peninsula where we are based here at MyIrelandBox. We have always wanted to share the history, music, tradition, culture, song, gaelic language and stories of the Great Blasket Island with MyIrelandBox subscribers and finally we have succeeded in sending it to all of our treasured subscribers, a MyIrelandBox that is full of the spirit of the Island. Listen to the beautiful music that the talented musicians composed on the Blaskets whilst you read the wonderful book that we enclosed by Islander Maurice O'Sullivan. Then, try your hand at the tin whistle - we have provided a link to very entertaining Irish Tin Whistle Lessons by the Online Academy of Irish Music. The turf peat was a must of course, it represents the main source of fuel for the Islanders and it is a nod to the sorrow of the evacuation of the Islanders in the 1950's on to the mainland, due in part to the decline of the turf peat on the Blaskets. This can be lit (carefully!) to create the aroma of a real turf fire.

We also included a very informative book on the Blaskets written by the award winning author, Pádraig Ua Maoileoin, who was born on the mainland directly opposite the Blasket Islands, at Dunquin in 1913. This book is so informative and it is very special as it is in both the English and Irish language.

We want subscribers to enjoy the old world of the Blaskets Islands. We are so happy to bring them there.

The Golden Shamrock Winner…

….is… Pamela from the USA who won a beautiful sterling silver celtic necklace with the bright shiny emerald embedded in the celtic heart symbol. It is worth over $160 USD!

More Irish made jewellery will be won by lucky subscribers as part of the Golden Shamrock prize draw that is held every month. It could be you or your chosen recipient next month!

The June 'Irish Cottage' themed MyIrelandBox


We have been so excited over the past few months to work with the Irish makers regarding the June MyIrelandBox. We were inspired by the raindrops that patter against the old sash window frame and also by the traditional Irish contents that adorn the old dwelling inside. We wanted to bring the Irish Cottage right over to you!


…and of course we have the lovely Golden Shamrock prize to giveaway to someone special this month. We picked the name in a recent draw and the winners are Brooks and Barb from USA. They won a lovely 'Growing Home' sterling silver Ireland Brooch where Ireland is represented as a tree with deep roots – resilient and enduring – that has remained standing strong, swaying but unbroken.

The May MyIrelandBox


This May MyIrelandBox was inspired by the beautiful night sky that covers the Emerald Isle in a blanket of sparkly dark blue on a clear night, the crescent moon hung beautifully above and the scents that linger in the air from a day in Irish countryside beneath. The gorgeous handmade ceramic crescent moon necklace by Danu represents this arrival of nightfall in Ireland. The luxury Rathborne candle is included to reproduce the scent of the Wild Mint that grows along the banks of a nearby river, it's smell remaining amongst the sleeping Irish wildflowers. The hares and rabbits prance in the darkened fields before bedtime, alert to the chances of the handsome red fox emerging to prowl in the night. We loved this card by Orla Barry as the hare and rabbit in the field at evening time is a common and welcome image outside our window. 


All of the surprises that we have sent to you this month were chosen so that you would feel the sense of the Irish countryside at dusk and at night. We are surrounded by it here and as we type this letter to you. Darkness has fallen and all seems still but the sky is alive with glittering stars and a beautiful moon, the night owls are alert, whilst others sleep and the aromas of the day still linger.

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