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The January 'New Year' MyIrelandBox is up next and will set you up nicely for the year ahead! We adore what we have curated for MyIrelandBox subscribers.

Have you bought all your gifts for the holidays?

.....If not, don't fret - we have you covered with our Three Month New Year MyIrelandBox Gift Subscription, Free Treat & Christmas E-Card sent on Christmas Eve to your chosen recipient!:

We love it when the postman delivers gifts to us. Most people do. Knowing that a box of surprises from Ireland is on the way for the next three months, well, that is a recipe for happiness!


  • Surprise someone you care about (that means you too) with a Three Month MyIrelandBox New Year Gift Subscription. Send a curated box of Irish made gifts in January (The New Year MyIrelandBox), February (Grá ('Irish Love') themed MyIrelandBox) and March (St Patrick's Day MyIrelandBox).


  • We will include a FREE gift in the January MyIrelandBox for those that purchase a Three Month Gift Subscription. The January MyIrelandBox will ship during the first week of that month and it will be full of surprises that will set you up for the new year! The sense of Ireland, a hot mug of tea, a wonderful book by an Irish author …these are just some small hints!


  • It’s a perfect Christmas Gift: You, or your chosen recipient will receive notice of the Three Month Gift Subscription, in the form of a Christmas E-Card, by email, from The MyIrelandBox Team, that will ensure you or your giftee enter the New Year on a merry note! (Just make sure you email us over at to let us know the recipient's email address sot hat we can send the E-Card to him/her).


If you’re looking for a gift this Holiday Season, why not surprise a parent, aunt, uncle, sibling, friend or grandparent with a New Year Three Month MyIrelandBox Gift Subscription and E-Card sent on Christmas Eve? It’s a great way to send happiness from Ireland to friends and loved ones.



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